The International Preschool Curriculum

The International Preschool Curriculum consists of thematic units. All units encompass six trans-disciplinary content learning areas: (1) Language Arts; (2) Socio-Emotional Skills; (3) Numeracy; (4) Creative and Visual Arts; (5) Sciences; (6) Fine and Gross Motor Skills. The curriculum is based on proven and peer reviewed concepts that include play, inquiry and objective based learning styles.

There are five underlying themes and objectives of the IPC that are designed to cultivate critical thinking, raise self-awareness, promote an understanding of other cultures and encourage internationalism and multilingualism.

The IPC takes the prevailing view that the first few years of a child's life provide a vital opportunity for development. The IPC involves family and parents wherever possible in understanding and facilitating the objectives of the organization.Our programs are specially designed for each age group, where thematic approach is applied in our academic teaching.

Thematic Approach

Kidsville will select an appropriate theme each term and integrate the theme with specially designed programs, so the children can acquire new skills and knowledge while enjoying learning at the same time. Thematic approach allows learning to be much more natural and fragmented, allowing literacy to grow and letting their ideas connect.

Toddler Program (18 months - 30 months)

Your child, now, will be sponging up knowledge easily as they are at the age where curiosity gets the better of them, and where other than Kidsville, where we can make it a lifelong learning experience for your child. Kidsville will specifically introduce five senses to them and show them that there is a lot of knowledge to gain beyond, just by getting in touch with these senses of theirs, and by doing so; we are also developing their gross and motor skills.

The curriculum prepared for playgroup, will help them foster cognitive, speech and language development and also instilling self-help, patience, empathy and confidence in your child.

Nursery Program (Ages 3 - 4 years)

We provide child care services so working parents can have a peace of mind that their children are in a safe and educational environment.As your child grows bigger, he/she tends to explore with their new found independence, and gain much more confidence by doing things by and for themselves.

This is where Kidsville comes in and help them expand their love for knowledge by allowing them to discover more by inquiry, building learning experiences by using touch, reasoning, play as a tool for purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills. We will be introducing science, geography, language and math into part of their learning program.

Preschool Program(Ages 4 - 6 years)

The knowledge and skills that these children gain in preschool is very important for their future as whatever learning and social skills they acquire today are the very basic foundation that will shape your child’s future in later years.

Kidsville offers approved Kindergarten program that complies to our National Preschool Curriculum Standard (KPSK), yet still keeping to learning through our thematic approach. This is when we prepare our pre-schoolers who will soon be age-ready to attend national/private or international primary schools.

Weekend Playgroup Classes (18 months - 30 months)

The weekend playgroup classes are designed to cater for children from 18 months to 30 months.

These will be 90-minute sessions and children get to learn and explore through various theme-related activities, which include music and movement, flash cards, crafts, dance and games.

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Sensory Play Workshop (Ages 2 - 6 years)

Indulge your children this school holiday with our two-week sensory play workshop that will tickle their five senses - Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight and Sound.

Activities include Baking with Sugar, Music and Movement, and Arts and Crafts.

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