Admissions: Parents' Guide

Greetings, parents, and welcome to Kidsville.

We have prepared this guide for your reference - all the important things we thought you should know about enrolling your child in an amazing Kidsville education is on this page. Please have a read and do contact us via phone for further enquiries. We will be happy to help out.

Parent Teacher Reports/Meetings

An observation and progress report on your child’s accomplishments within the environment will be furnished before every term end. Your child’s progress can also be discussed with the homeroom teacher, by appointment.


Parents are assured that any information discussed with the Principal and members of the staff concerning your child and any family matters will remain confidential.


Kidsville International Preschool makes every effort to care for and to cater to your child’s needs. While it is our duty to maintain a safe environment for your child, we realize that accidents can occur.

Kidsville International Preschool cannot accept liability for any accidents which may occur within our premises.

Kidsville International Preschool also shall not be held responsible for any loss of valuable items. As such, children are not allowed to bring/wear on them any expensive/valuable items/belongings.

Collection of Child / Security

Kidsville International Preschool makes every effort to ensure the child’s safety of the children and staff within our premises.

The gates are locked daily between 9am, 12pm and 6pm. The doorbell at the gate will serve parents when the gates are locked. Children will only be released to their parents or appointed guardian , as appointed by their parents and notified in our records, ie:- full name, identity card number, car registration number, relationship with child.

Kidsville International Preschool reserves the right to withhold the child if and should the stipulated condition is not met.

We understand that emergency situation may arise and we are willing to assist in such cases. However, under normal circumstances, we would appreciate prompt collection of your child every day.

Field Trips

Field trips are both educational and enjoyable. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child on field trips.

Field trips are scheduled well in advance and a permission form for your child will be sent home prior to the event. Only children whose parents have signed and returned the permission form may participate in the field trip.

Siblings are welcome to join in from time to time and we obliged to charge a rate deemed reasonable that may incur during the outing event.

Birthday Celebrations

Should your child want to celebrate his/her birthday with her classmates in school, kindly inform the homeroom teacher one week in advance.

Please help the teacher by supplying paper plates, serviettes, fork and spoon for the occasion. If you have party packs, please pack them into individual packs.

School Kit and Uniform (Ages 3-6)

A school kit comprising of two sets of uniform is to be purchased upon enrolment in Kidsville International Preschool. All students are required to wear school uniform to school. Slip-on slippers are inappropriate for gross motor skills, therefore please send you child to school in shoes he/she can manage independently. Each day, the bag should contain:

  • One set of spare clothes kept in a zip-lock bag.
  • Please label all items with your child’s name.
  • Water tumbler
  • Baby wipes
  • A container of healthy snacks

  • Nursery/Toddler Kit (Ages 2-2.5)

    Each of their diaper bags should contain:-

    • Two sets of spare clothes.
    • Three disposable diapers.
    • Baby wipes.
    • Diaper cream.
    • Formula milk in the correct quantity and the required number of bottles.
    • Security blanket / pacifier if the child needs for comfort.
    • Written instructions on any special needs of your child.